A complete renovation of one of Isle of Palm’s most noteworthy homes is making waves on the island. Unlike the traditional beach cottage, this home at 1900 Waterway Blvd., which currently is listed for sale by Dunes Properties, is a throwback to a simpler time on the island. Its mid-century modern design is highly desirable […]


The enduring value of 200-year-old furniture is evidenced by the demand for antiques. The value of 200-year-old wood, however, is often overlooked. After seeing handsome pieces of aged lumber hauled off to landfills when Hurricane Hugo leveled historic homes around Charleston in 1989, craftsman Capers Cauthen wanted to preserve an important part of the city’s […]


There was a racket outside; you couldn’t miss it. The cacophony led artist Stephen Moscowitz outside of his Bluffton, South Carolina, home where he found a sight he’ll never forget. Perched in a massive oak tree were hundreds of White Ibis in a chorus, their feathers juxtaposed against the greens and browns of the tree. […]


Underneath the spectacular scenery of the Lowcountry marshes and waterfronts, the threat of violent storms buzzes like a current, always there to temper the beauty. Every year, hurricanes, strong winds and thunderstorms all threaten homes along the coast, making fortification not only advisable but necessary. “The Lowcountry needs to be prepared for any hurricane season,” […]


While working in accounting for 15 years, Audra Walters daydreamed about interior design and real estate, perusing the web for photos and information on the subjects whenever she got a break in her workday. At nights and on weekends, she dipped her toe in the waters by flipping homes that she moved into, renovated and […]


In a fast-paced world, even our beauty routines are on a timer. But with the newly opened FACE FOUNDRIÉ on King Street, that’s no problem. A one-stop shop for facials, lashes, brows and skincare that’s open seven days a week, clients are able to drop in for an appointment as short as 20 minutes before […]


Entrepreneurs Cindy and Jason Bullock started a new adventure in February 2020, just two months before the state government urged residents to stay at home to avoid the spread of COVID-19. For most businesses, that timing might have been devastating. But for the Bullocks, who are all about bringing fun to everyday living, the timing […]


When Tracey Wonnacott was young, her parents took her to Paris. She fondly remembers shopping with her mom on the Champs-Élysées and opening the tall doors in her bedroom to look at the Eiffel Tower. Many years later, she and her husband returned to France with their children and fell in love with the lifestyle […]


Rivers meander through many great wine regions, often overlooked for their starring role in leaving an indelible mark on the soils, the climate and, more significantly, the personality of the place. To name a few, Europe has the Rhine, Loire, Rhône, Danube and Douro, and closer to home, we have the Russian, Napa and Columbia […]


If you were born in Charleston or have lived here most of your life, chances stand at close to 100% that you know about clothier M. Dumas & Sons. The men’s retail store has been a fixture on King Street for 105 years. Luckily for the influx of newcomers to the area, they have a […]