When Ryanne Dodds and Tyler Chaplin began planning their wedding, they knew it would have to be a celebration of more than just the two of them. It would be a celebration of family, too.


As an alumni of the College of Charleston’s historic preservation department, Spencer Stachan knew that he wanted his wedding to Lisa Lyons to highlight some of the Holy City’s most architecturally significant buildings: The Unitarian Church and Hibernian Hall. And when he proposed, he chose an equally stunning spot: the College of Charleston’s historical Cistern yard.

Puppy Love

It’s fitting that Amanda and Garrett Griffin would move to New York City shortly after their Charleston wedding; the couple met at Madison Square Garden nearly six years earlier. Mutual friends introduced the pair at the Big East Basketball Tournament, where Amanda was cheering on her beloved Pittsburgh Panthers.

Simply Stunning

Soon after getting engaged at a riverside park in Brooklyn, Lindsay Norene and Grant Groher were joined by an unwelcome guest: Hurricane Sandy. They spent two days celebrating in the city, brazenly ignoring the approaching storm before heading home to Houston to start planning their big day.

Under The Oaks

If it wasn’t for Professor Basu’s accounting class at the University of Georgia, Jacklene Szadek and Hunter Creekmore never would have met. The couple connected when Hunter asked to copy Jacklene’s notes one day after class, but he didn’t muster up the courage to ask her out until two years later, just before they graduated. His patience paid off, and the couple wed at Magnolia Plantation in September 2013.

Running on Love

As a direct descendent of 19th-century politico John C. Calhoun, Kristin Lyons knew that Charleston was the perfect place to hold her destination wedding to Rakesh Kumar.

Love in Bloom

According to superstition, a rainy wedding day is a good omen. If there’s any truth to that, Melody and Andrew are in for a lifetime of wedded bliss.