Jules Taylor is the namesake winemaker of a boutique, woman-owned winery in Marlborough, New Zealand. Known as the “Queen of Sauvignon Blanc,” Taylor wears the title with pride. Born in the cool and sunny Marlborough area, Taylor came of age during the 1980s at the same time as her beloved Sauvignon Blanc and grew up to […]

American Fossil Odyssey

Previously, I discussed American minerals and some of my recent travels here in the States to uncover remarkable specimens. Not only is the United States filled with extraordinary minerals, but there are also fascinating remnants of ancient animals, including dinosaurs, Ice Age mammals and other iconic creatures. The specific fossils that I’ll be discussing come from different […]

A Rare Gem

At first glance, Sohn & McClure Jewelers, primely situated on East Bay Street in downtown Charleston, may look like any mainstream jewelry store with its glass cases showcasing sparkling diamonds and vibrant gemstones—a place to buy an engagement ring for your love or scoop up a unique bauble to add to a cherished collection. But […]

Pulp Fiction

While Ricky Schneider may have been in a field that took a lot of vision for many years, the former creative director of advertising knew that he wanted to use that artistic vision for something of his own. In 2016, he summoned all of that creativity and began working on pieces of art that, to his […]

Great Andes Wine

According to south american legend, when God finished creating the earth, the angels came to him with a problem: “We’ve got a lot of mountains, valleys and rivers left over.” God answered, “Dump them at the end of the earth.” And that’s how Chile and Argentina were made. Grape growers and winemakers are eternally grateful. Not […]


It may surprise you to learn that judy casey is anything but the fancy filly you might imagine the owner of a luxury women’s boutique to be. Asked to name a fashion icon she admires, and to define her personal style, she laughs out loud and says she doesn’t have one. “I’m a blue jeans girl,” […]


Zags founder jennifer horton knows all too well the old adage “Necessity is the mother of invention.” The mother of three had been searching for a specific product in vain for years, growing more and more frustrated when she couldn’t find it. “We are such an active family. We’re always on the boat or at the […]


It was breaking news in the summer of 2015: The New York Post warned that the Hamptons was running “dangerously low” on rosé wines. Thankfully, we no longer face this existential crisis. The country has been awash in rosé for years. After all, what’s not to like? Rosé is delicious and easy to drink; it’s the least judgmental of […]


IF ACTORS ARE ALL ABOUT ENTRANCES AND PLAYWRIGHTS ABOUT EXITS, designers in the theater are about complementary frameworks, physical and emotional. From elaborate to humble, with sets and props it’s everything with a purpose and everything in its place—the unsung narratives of the theater. After all, it’s not just the writer and actor who tell […]


I HAVE ALWAYS FANTASIZED ABOUT STARTING FRESH and moving into a house where I bring no décor baggage with me. I would visit all of my favorite stores and pick out exactly what I wanted, because in my fantasy, money grows on trees. The resulting space would be chic yet comfortable, juxtaposed yet pulled together, […]