If you ask artist Michael Ashley about his vision of wildlife and nature, he’ll tell you through the etchings of his pen. A rhino lazing on the ground, the piercing eyes of a mountain lion, a moment of stillness from a jaguar, the last crimson leaves on a shedding tree—they’re all moments that can be […]


You don’t have to walk the red carpet runway to receive star treatment at an event decorated by Charleston Charm Paper Flowers. With ingenuity and artistry, entrepreneur Simone Simmons, who founded the company in 2018, creates memorable, photographic events for her customers. Whether it’s a baby shower, bridal shower, wedding or birthday party, Simmons handcrafts […]

Sizzling Hot

It’s no secret that the Charleston real estate market is hot, particularly for families outside of the state who are looking for a post-pandemic move to a city with a slower-paced lifestyle in a beautiful coastal setting. These are busy times for Bunker Burr, real estate agent with luxury sales firm Oyster Point Real Estate […]

Embracing Every Medium

Many women would be content to put their feet up after a 30-year nursing career and savor views of the Lowcountry landscape from the comfort of a porch rocking chair. But Esther Piazza-Doyle likes to stay busy. So, when a neck injury in 1995 pulled her away from bedside trauma care, she decided to take […]

The Vineyards of Golan Heights

Last fall, archaeologists unearthed a 75,000-square-foot winery estimated to be 1,500 years old in the city of Yavne in central Israel. It was an incredible find. The ancient wine capital once employed thousands and shipped throughout the Mediterranean. In Israel, history is a vibrant force. The modern roots of winemaking, however, are more New World […]

Raising A Glass

Once upon a time, milk was delivered in glass bottles, peanut butter came in glass jars and beverages were served in clear drinking glasses instead of foggy plastic tumblers. Today, glassware feels like a luxury, and handcrafted pieces seem extravagant. But James McLeod aims to make handblown glasswork both affordable and accessible for anyone with […]

Make A Jaunt To Georgetown

Georgetown, South Carolina, is a day-tripper’s dream. It’s a short driving distance from Pawley’s Island, Myrtle Beach and even Charleston but with a population that is a fraction of the larger seacoast cities in the state. With its historic small-town charm, Georgetown offers visitors a perfect place to enjoy Southern coastal life without the hustle […]

A Student of Art

As Jeanne O’Neal paints, she thinks in hot pink. The vision pours onto her canvas, a twist on traditional landscapes that infuses chromatic hues in the sky or a tree branch glowing from a beam of sunlight. Once a teacher, she’s now the student, and every day she paints, O’Neal learns more about her work […]

Who’s Intruding On Whom?

Artist Larry Moore loves to tell a good story. He may work an allegory into his paintings, or he may simply paint a narrative he has created in his imagination. His background in narrative illustration and graphic design for theaters and book authors piqued his interest in the art form of telling a good story. […]

Go Where The Art Goes

Saying Cambodian-born artist Pakan Penn’s résumé is impressive is an understatement. His first artworks were sold as a child, his paintings hung on the walls of the West Wing for eight years, and he was recently named World’s Best Animal Impressionist, as selected by the top 25 U.S. galleries by the American Art Awards. It’s […]