Classically Eclectic

Entertainment Charleston rallies the Holy City’s brightest musical talents


If you hire Entertainment Charleston to handle the music for your wedding, prepare for a performance that is truly unique. “Our aim is to create not only a memorable atmosphere for your wedding day, but a concert experience,” says company founder and lead cellist, Andrew Wyly Mille. “We want to keep your guests guessing as to what we might play next.”

Mille is a well-connected artist in Charleston’s tight-knit but expansive music scene, and his contacts range from bagpipers and jazz musicians to DJs and string musicians. “Our string groups are comprised almost entirely of performers from the Charleston Symphony Orchestra,” Mille says. “From violin and cello to harp and classical guitar, we offer the widest and most diverse range of music for string quartets, trios and duets anywhere.”

Mille works hard to hire only artists who take each gig seriously. “We treat each wedding like an individual event and customize each performance,” he says. “We aim to stay away from the same 15 songs that are played at every wedding. There are plenty of other groups that stick to the basics or have simplified arrangements and amateur first call players, but the funny thing is that you pay roughly the same thing, and you’ll just never know what you missed.”

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