Cru to the Rescue

Chef John Zucker creates onsite kitchens, custom menus


Cru Catering has evolved quite a bit since its start back in 2000. What began as a private in-home service expanded into both a downtown restaurant and a full-fledged catering company serving Charleston, the country’s number one wedding destination. Cru provides everything from alcohol to waitstaff, but, of course, the high-quality cuisine is where the business really shines. Chef John Zucker and company ensure all food is hot and fresh by building a kitchen at every venue and cooking every bit of the food onsite. The menus vary, from the Pit Cru BBQ option to a custom menu of anything from shrimp ‘n’ grits to Indian dishes. Zucker works with brides to build a menu that they love, no matter the budget. He says, “The thrill of seeing them being able to plan their wedding exactly the way they want it, and not being forced into specific menus, is really the most satisfying thing for us.”

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