ELLA W. Richardson Fine Art represents more than 30 talented American and European artists whose styles range from realistic to impressionist to abstract. For the month of February, the gallery will feature a solo exhibition by Craig Nelson.

Nelson’s show will feature more than 30 pieces encompassing a variety of subject matter. “Most everything in the show revolves in one way or another around water, whether minimally or implied—wine barrels from Tuscany, a fjord from Norway, landscapes with streams, a street scene with laundry hanging in Venice,” says Nelson, who attributes his attraction to water to the quality of reflections that allow him “to be somewhat abstract in a realistic painting.” The diverse paintings are also united by a timeless quality.

Since 1970 Nelson has been depicting figures, landscapes and various environments in rich, vibrant oils. His passion for the subjects he depicts relates directly to his brushwork, weaving mood and emotion into each work of art and creating uplifting masterpieces.

The widely collected artist has won more than 200 awards of excellence and several gold medals. In 1974 Nelson began teaching at ArtCenter College of Design, and he has served as the executive director of the School of Fine Art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for the past 30 years. Nelson shares his knowledge in his two books, including 60 Minutes to Better Painting, and though multiple highly anticipated workshops each year.

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