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When planning the perfect party, you don’t want to mess around with libations. That’s why Boris Van Dyck should be the first person on your guest list.

Van Dyck is the brains behind Icebox, Charleston’s unrivaled professional beverage service, as well as the event rental companies Event DRS and Haus Tents & Lighting.

The multitalented Van Dyck is ready for whatever clients might throw his way. “We can do anything,” Van Dyck said with assurance, “from individual weddings, parties and corporate events to the Democratic National Convention.” (Yes, Van Dyck has some great connections!)

Icebox originated in 2007 as a hobby in Van Dyck’s garage, but has grown to become a staple at the Charleston Wine + Food Festival and countless other Lowcountry events.

“I jumped in with both feet,” Van Dyck says. “And now we’re doing 1,000 to 1,200 events a year. It’s been a whirlwind.”

Despite Icebox’s size, Van Dyck aims for the distinctive, whether it’s a custom-made cocktail for a wedding reception or a unique party pick-me-up. That’s why he created the Beverage Lab, where clients can concoct a signature cocktail or the ideal tasting menu. The lab also offers tailored bartending and beverage seminars “from cocktail basics to modern mixology.”

The Beverage Lab is one of a kind, but Van Dyck didn’t want to stop there. In conjunction with several local mixology enthusiasts, Van Dyck spearheaded the formation of Charleston‘s first United States Bartender’s Guild Chapter.

While Icebox has a few full-time bartenders, the majority of staff is part-time, with full-time bartending gigs throughout the Holy City. And Van Dyck wouldn’t have it any other way. He prefers his barkeeps out in the field. “I want Charleston’s cocktail community using the Beverage Lab, sharing ideas and continuing to educate itself,” he says.

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