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Rosefire Jewelry’s bridal collection channels old Hollywood glamour


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Jewelry designer Lauren Edewaard Madden feels a personal connection with each one of her creations. In fact, she loves them so much that she gives them names. There’s the rough crystal and mother-of-pearl necklace named La Marguerite, referencing a delicate Caribbean flower. Her Maria Luisa necklace was inspired by a famous Dior gown created for for style icon Maria Luisa Casati. And her most popular design, Siren, is reminiscent of the starlets of Old Hollywood.

In a way it makes sense that, before starting her jewelry business in 2010, Madden was enrolled in a doctoral program where she researched Caribbean slave rituals and religion in the 16th and 17th centuries. The designer’s fascination with history and culture shines through in her distinctive work.

Madden offers an array of predesigned pieces—including her glamorous bridal and bridesmaid collections—but she specializes in custom work. “My jewelry complements ensembles from casual to bridal,” she says, “and my goal is always to design a unique creation that makes the entire outfit shine, rather than competing with it.”

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