Marvelous Majolica

Dining room décor that’s sure to entertain


“These days, hostesses are less afraid of veering away from matching sets and more interested in setting their tables with color, texture and pieces that stimulate conversation,” says David Evans of Charleston Antiques.

A proponent of unique table settings, Evans says this set of Majolica soup tureens struck him as the perfect example of artistry, whimsy and utility.

Majolica, a general term for earthenware covered with a tin-based glaze, has been made since the 14th century. It’s characterized by colorful glazes and naturalistic motifs. This set features four tureens in the shape of oyster shells with the playful addition of mussels for feet and red coral for handles. Inside, the colors mimic mother of pearl. Each tureen holds approximately one cup of liquid and has an opening for a spoon. “These would be as much fun at a picnic with tarter and cocktail sauces as they would be on a formal table serving an elegant soup or accompaniments,” Evans says.

Located in West Ashley, Charleston Antiques’ goal is to provide items of King Street quality but not at King Street prices.

Their inventory spans all historical periods, from the 17th through 20th centuries. “We specialize in procuring functional pieces,” Evans explains. “People want to use their antiques, then pass them on to the next and next generation. Nobody wants to live in a museum.”

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