AFTER a 30-year career in real estate and running a relocation company in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Mary Martin decided to hit the reset button and do something with her life that was stress-free and purely about pleasure. Enamored of Charleston’s beauty and history, the art lover relocated in 2004 and opened her own art gallery, surrounding herself with other patrons of the arts as well as artists themselves—something that has brought Martin immense joy in this new phase of her life and career.

Mary Martin Galleries represents more than 100 artists who have been selected for their unique styles of work in a variety of media. “We exhibit art of all genres but desire to feature painters and sculptors who forge new ground using their formidable talent,” says Martin. “Because of that, we are an eclectic gallery. We really look for originality as well as beauty when we vet artists to bring in and represent.”

Because of the range and quality of work by the artists represented, Mary Martin Galleries has attracted and maintained collectors for years, working directly with individual collectors as well as designers, architects and trade professionals to establish long-term relationships. In fact, the gallery works with architects as part of a team, looking to create the perfect home or commercial building for a client. “Many times, architects, designers and owners will work together on the design aspect to select the right artwork for their project. Having that symbiosis is key because beautiful art looks wonderful in a beautiful space, and all of us work together to achieve that,” says Martin.

The client experience is paramount at Mary Martin Galleries. “We work to ensure that the experience of purchasing from our galleries is a memorable and enjoyable one for all of our clients,” says Martin. “To that end, Mary Martin Galleries hosts several ongoing exhibitions each month, during which collectors have the opportunity to meet and get to know top artists. We often hold private receptions for our collectors, as well, so they are given the chance to meet their artists again and again.”

Mary Martin Galleries represents top contemporary artists in addition to identifying and mentoring little-known artists to become nationally recognized for their talents. Upcoming exhibitions include artwork by Pakan Penn, Oleg Trofimov, Kevin McNamara, Charles Nkomo and Hessam Abrishami.

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