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Evan Laettner brings a painter’s eye to wedding photos


Long before he was a shutterbug, Evan Laettner’s tool of choice was a paintbrush. The Buffalo, New York, native specialized in painting portraits in oil until one of his subjects—a bride—asked him to photograph her wedding. “It was fun being able to not just have one picture, but to have a whole collection,” Laettner says. He’s been photographing weddings ever since.

Thanks to his fine art background, Laettner brings a unique angle to wedding photography. “I’m not just documenting the day,” he says. “It’s really about portraiture and making them look like they’re at the top of their game. It’s about making them feel good and relaxed in front of the camera so it doesn’t look like they’ve been staring at a lens the whole day.”

Laettner fell in love with Charleston when he came down to shoot a wedding, and he now calls the city home. “I love the plantations and anywhere my bride and groom feel really comfortable,” he says. “Most of my clients are from out of town, so for me it’s about not only wedding photos but their whole Charleston experience.”

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