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During a recent stroll down King Street, my husband and I wandered into M.P. Demetre Jewelers. A watch caught his eye—an oversized chunk of flashy metal with a crown the size of a canteen cap. Its “distressed” leather strap looked as if it had survived three world wars. I watched as a look of wonder and curiosity fell across his face. I had seen that look before. It said: “Me want.”

The chunk of metal turned out to be a wristwatch by U-Boat, a relatively new Italian brand. Store manager Peter Demetre explained that U-Boat watches were inspired by designs created for the Italian Navy. They are extremely rugged, and the dial is easy to read day or night. He spoke enthusiastically about the latest models, which feature creative designs and new materials like bronze and forged carbon. The fine detailing and craftsmanship of U-Boat’s watches, he said, place the company into an “elite category of manufacturers.”

The store carries other top watch brands, including Rolex and Omega. According to Peter, today’s generation of watches have new, high-tech features like durable, scratchproof ceramic bezels and anti-magnetic parts that improve timekeeping accuracy.

But ladies, fear not, there’s something here for us, too. In addition to timepieces, Demetre offers quality jewelry at affordable prices, including those made by fine designers such as Robert Lee Morris and Roberto Coin, to name a few.

Fortunately, on that day, my husband restrained himself. But I could see the wheels turning. I fear a U-Boat is about to surface….

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