Precious Moments

Photographer Lea Austen documents life and love


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Her career as a local wedding and family photographer has flourished in Charleston for 13 years now, but Lea Austen’s knack for capturing special moments has been building for a lifetime. Relating to her subjects on and off film is where her passions lie.

“I like to get to know them as much as possible,” she says. “I offer clients an opportunity to do complimentary pre-wedding pictures because I value that time with the couple in front of the camera before the wedding. I really want them to sense a friend in the room when I arrive, to feel relief when they see me.”

Austen focuses on intimate weddings, which allows a closer look at well-thought-out details and extraordinary moments worth capturing. “Flowers, rings, candlesticks, programs,” Austen says. “Seeing a dad’s proud face or tear in grandma’s eye. A loving look in a groom’s eyes when he’s dancing with his bride or the way his hand rests on her back. How amazing is it that you can treasure, preserve and relive that story forever?”

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