“OH, my heavens! You are such an extraordinary talent. The images took my breath away. … I really do love them all. It would give me such great joy to have them in my home and view them every day,” writes one of Rhona LK Schonwald’s happy clients.

Schonwald’s highly acclaimed paintings have been featured in the movie Universal Signs and on both book and music covers. Her work has been exhibited in the permanent collection of the consulate in Dubai and in galleries and museums throughout the United States.

Stirring the imagination and sparking creativity, Schonwald’s art plays on emotions and draws from nature, evoking serenity, sensuality, and joy. The relationships among colors of paint or forms in sculpture embody human emotions and interactions. Her creations are reflections of life’s milestones, miracles, adventures and triumphs. For Schonwald, developing abstract works creates a conundrum—how to create an intriguing, cohesive composition from absolutely no frame of reference. This is a puzzle that both stimulates and perplexes the artist.

The famed French author Marcel Proust stated, “The real voyage of discovery comes not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” That is what Schonwald hopes to convey to people, and it’s why her paintings, photographs and sculptures are designed to be turned multiple ways—to enhance the voyage of personal discovery through imagination and creativity.

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