Rustic Elegance

Boone Hall Plantation offers couples the best of both worlds


All it takes is one drive down Boone Hall Plantation’s spectacular avenue of oaks to realize why it’s one of the most popular wedding venues, not only in Charleston, but in the entire United States. Between the stately plantation home, the centuries-old live oaks draped in Spanish moss, and the slowmoving saltwater creek below the Cotton Dock, Boone Hall truly feels like another world.

“Boone Hall helps to create an atmosphere that is the perfect combination of rustic elegance and true Southern charm,” says wedding and event specialist Natalie Knox. “Everyone has a different vision and it is always so fun seeing the various ways that couples set up their wedding at the plantation. I always say it is their canvas to create!”

The plantation has always counted politicians and celebrities among its guests, but the popularity of weddings at Boone Hall got an extra boost when Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds chose to host their 2012 wedding on the grounds. The wedding was kept super-secret throughout the process, but when details leaked about the event, Boone Hall got a huge influx of phone calls—more than 200 brides called the following Monday to inquire about renting the venue.

Celebrity or not, the Boone Hall staff works to make the day special for every couple who chooses to marry there. “My favorite part of my job is when I get to take newly engaged couples around all of the venues we offer at Boone Hall,” Knox says. “It is a magical moment when they look at each other and smile, knowing they have found the place they would like to marry. I can’t help but smile with them. It is such a treat getting to be a part of one of the most exciting events in two people’s lives.”

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