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LIfestyleProfileNadineVer2-Image-1How often do you feel inspired when you’re getting dressed? Unless it’s for a special occasion, the answer is probably rarely. But as personal stylist and fashion consultant Nadine Camilla points out, when you love what you’re wearing, you feel even better.

As a personal stylist and consultant, what exactly do you do?
I want my clients to dress in a way that feels natural for them. I find clothes to flatter their specific shape while keeping their lifestyle in mind. I would never put someone in an outfit that doesn’t feel right for them.

Clients usually start with a closet edit. I separate what works from what doesn’t, creating outfits from the good items. I then assess what’s missing from their wardrobe. For those missing items, personal shopping comes next. It’s such an advantage to have someone come in and help. We pay for our hair, the gym, but with clothing, people don’t reach out to a professional. Often, we need someone to provide perspective. Just as a chef understands flavor, I understand fabric, proportions and bodies, and how best to pull everything together.

You mention dressing for your shape, what if people aren’t doing that?
That’s my favorite thing, when I get them to wear outfits—sometimes from their closet—that actually flatter them. Clients step in front of a mirror and their faces light up. People can get locked into a pattern of dressing, and they don’t bother to try the cut or style that they should be wearing.

Do you shop with your clients?
We can shop together, I can go for them, or they can shop by themselves with a list from the edit. Some people shop in stores that carry lower quality merchandise, but I show my clients where to go to take it to the next level. People don’t realize that you can shop the sale rack at Banana Republic and find great pieces. I also visit stores like The Finicky Filly or Shoes on King. It just depends on their budget.

Who hires you and why?
I think people hire me because they’re looking for a little more excitement in their life. It’s not a limiting factor, though. I’ve dressed conservative lawyers as often as edgy teens. Ultimately, my goal is to empower women to feel better about themselves.

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Amanda Black is a freelance writer based in Charleston.

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