A Proper Topper

Haus Tents provides the framework for an elegant evening


While wedding planners and decorators focus on the small details that come together to create a perfect event, Matt McKeown and the staff of Haus Tents are focused on the big picture. Specifically, the structures that house all of those carefully selected centerpieces and cocktail napkins.

“The tents and lighting create the feel when people walk in and say, ‘Oh wow,’” McKeown says. “It’s not one little thing they are looking at, it’s the whole effect.”

The company’s sailcloth tents, their most popular, are ideal for the vast number of outdoor venues in the Lowcountry. The translucent fabric allows natural light to permeate the tents during the day. Then as the sun sets, the Haus team’s strategically placed lighting begins to turn on, allowing the party to continue into the wee hours. “If you step back and look at the tent from the outside, the tent is glowing,” McKeown says.

In addition to landscape and cafe lighting, Haus can provide glowing orbs and custom chandeliers, as well as plank flooring and clear frame tents. All of which, McKeown says, can help create the perfect environment for any event.

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