Bill Beebe is in the Audubon swamp at Magnolia Plantation. Twenty feet over his head in a bald cypress tree, two great blue herons are standing
“To me, there’s a spirit to every place, a gentle connection to the earth,” shares Linda Greenberg, a horticulturist and owner of Linda Greenberg Landscape & Design
Last year, homeowners wholeheartedly embraced the benefits of having a vacation spot right in their backyards. As travel budgets shifted and people started to
Through the brilliance of technology, artist Alice Williams is talking to me from her garden in Provence, France. It’s an hour before sunset, we’re
Joggling boards hardly need an introduction. This Lowcountry staple has been a fixture on local front porches for centuries. It began as a home remedy
Few teenage girls dream of learning to install flooring as the first step toward their future career, but that was precisely the path that Livia Sousa followed
Exclusive, handcrafted, luxury—beautiful things for a beautiful lifestyle come wrapped in a warm smile and tied with a bow at The Boutique. And in late
  Charleston artist Wilfred Spoon has always had a love for the visual. Immersing himself in picture books, maps and paintings since youth, he was
Whether you are looking for an original fine art painting, hand-carved bowl, bespoke bauble or fun art class or workshop, you will discover an enchanting emporium
Architect Marc Camens is a mindful person, and when he arranges space, he leaves enduring mindfulness in his wake. His latest project, a 5,500-square-foot family