ORIGINALLY from Wilmington, North Carolina, Allison Chambers is an impressionist painter who refers to herself a Carolina artist. She calls both Charlotte and Charleston home and receives her inspiration from the region’s landscapes; the Lowcountry’s marshlands particularly capture her eye. This is easy to see in her paintings, which exhibit elegant brushstrokes that play amongst the meeting of water and land. Through a blend of “reality with imagination,” Chambers combines color and texture in an impasto style to create an abstracted interpretation of life.

In addition to painting, she also gets joy from teaching art. “Teaching is very important to me, and it helps me learn and grow as an artist while giving back to people who want to discover this gift,” Chambers says. She conducts classes in her own studio as well as courses in Provence, France, every fall.

Chambers hopes her art will provide her viewers relaxation. “Because I love to express myself through art,” she explains, “the landscapes I paint are the places that cause me to take

a deep breath … that take me away, that make me happy.”

Chambers is represented by fine galleries throughout the South.

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