Vision, intuition and creative problem-solving in real estate


Sarah Marion, of REID Properties Group, is nothing if not creative. As a Realtor, Charleston is her canvas, the homes her palette, her talents the brush. Of her work, Marion says: “My goal is to help clients see potential, whether it’s in a home or a community, and to envision the beauty in a property. After the sale, I can assist them in bringing that space to life in a way that will enhance their well-being and daily living.”

Marion’s real estate business name, REID, is an acronym for “real estate” and “interior design,” and that’s exactly what she does. It’s a thorough process she has established, taking sellers through properties she has artfully staged, then comparing other options in the tri-county area, and recapping the experience by homing in on the ideal property’s style and location. Oftentimes post-sale, these same clients request Marion’s assistance with decorating or crafting a remodeling design. Of course, she is pleased to take this on!

Marion grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, and attended the prestigious Hammond School. She went on to study business, fashion merchandising, art and design at the University of South Carolina, doing a study-abroad program in textiles in Florence, Italy. In the early part of her career, she accepted a position with Vera Wang in New York, which ignited her passion for fashion and design. But eventually, Marion felt drawn to return to Columbia and her family.

Once back in South Carolina, Marion and a business partner opened a boutique in Columbia’s trendy neighborhood, The Vista, and it was there that she fully applied her creative skills and business savvy. Marion went on to do additional work with designer Cynthia Rowley, after transitioning her work to Charleston.

Marion continued working with Rowley as she started her family with husband David Francis Marion. During this time her brother, Harper Krantz, of S2K Construction, took her on a foray into the world of real estate. At one point, when Krantz was in the midst of building a home, he started coming to Marion to field design ideas, finding her help invaluable. He felt his sister had a rare ability to see the potential in a property while also grasping what went into the building process. At the encouragement of all of Marion’s brothers (Walter, Harper and Cole) and the rest of the Krantz family, Marion started to apply her innate talent and professional skills in interior design. These transferrable skills moved her toward real estate; in 2015, she became a licensed Realtor in Charleston.

Client reviews say it all—Marion genuinely cares. Before setting out to look at properties and explore communities, she enjoys meeting clients for coffee or lunch, taking time to get to know them and understand their needs. The goal is to ensure the search begins in areas that will resonate with their personalities and to find a place they will thrive.

“Asking the right questions is key to our success,” Marion says. She then offers clients a list of preferred lenders for their financing, and once the client is approved, she helps them arrive at a comfortable price point for the purchase. This is when the search can begin in earnest.

Sellers enjoy a similarly well-thought-out process. When putting a home on the market, Marion notes that details are paramount, regardless of the size of the property. Her process begins with a careful walk-through with the homeowner’s input, then a realistic timeline and to-do list are created. Marion recommends that sellers be proactive by having a pre-listing inspection to learn of potential problems.

When it’s time to set a listing price, Marion reviews all technical aspects of the property with the client, and together they create a list of assets. From there, the optimal price is arrived at and the process for putting the home on the market begins. At this juncture, Marion puts her skills into high gear, professionally staging the spaces, arranging for any necessary repairs and painting, and sprucing up the home with plants and flowers.

And finally, Marion always has an exciting rollout plan for new listings, which she loves sharing with her clients. You’ll feel good you’ve put the sale of your property into her capable hands.

Marion also notes an above-and-beyond service she offers to clients: assistance in finding short-term or long-term properties to live in as they make their real estate journey. “It is becoming rare for the selling and buying of properties to dovetail perfectly,” she explains. “I don’t want buyers or sellers to rush the process.” REID Properties Group has a designated property manager to assist with this process.

Marion’s enthusiasm for the region is heartfelt. “Charleston has so much to offer,” she says. “We are a tight-knit community where relationships matter. Our town is a mix of music, delicious cuisine, art, nature, events and constant activity. For me, Charleston ignites all five senses, and I hope to guide my clients toward fully experiencing life in this vital community, my home. My goal is to land my clients the perfect home.” *

Christina Andrews is a freelance writer from the Napa Valley who specializes in personal and business bios, food and wine, visual arts, music, hospitality, the event industry, community interest stories, obituaries and political satire.

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