Classic Kitchens of Charleston offers cabinet storage solutions for every room in the home


MORE THAN JUST A PLACE TO EAT AND SLEEP, homes have evolved to become makeshift workplaces, restaurants, schools and gyms. Ensuring houses function and adapt to these activities has become a priority for every family.

Kitchens, bathrooms, closets and home offices have transitioned to beautiful spaces that also offer flexible amenities to meet every need. Personalized cabinetry is a key element in this transition.

Classic Kitchens of Charleston provides cabinet storage solutions and stunning aesthetics for every room. At the company’s newly expanded showroom, builders, designers and architects will find the most up-to-date styles in the industry.

“The whole space is 5,500 square feet with the showroom itself being 3,000 square feet,” says owner Jay Valk.

The showroom displays a wide range of product from six cabinet manufacturers. All cabinets are genuine wood and include styles from sleek contemporary to classic traditional.

Whether a client is building a new home or planning a renovation, the list of cabinet amenities is sure to spark some creativity. Clients receive one-on-one consultations to assess style and function needs. The company’s certified and licensed professional designers and cabinet specialists have decades of experience.

“Five designers are on staff to help you. Our first question is,
‘Do you have inspiration photos?’ That helps guide us,” Valk says.

Clients fill out a detailed worksheet during the design process. Planning involves an assessment of the existing space as well as the adjacent rooms and open spaces.

Designers review the style of the residence and also any changes the owner expects to make to other areas. Family traffic patterns, room footprint, storage needs, surface finishes and hardware are all considered.

Design, style and finish are important but so are workflow, storage and organization. Cabinet choices include an endless amount of designs constructed with wood, glass, metal and more.

“We factor in functionality, but the look is most important,” says Valk.

A cabinet meeting with clients ensures the style, design, finishes, hardware and layout meet their requirements and expectations. Designers create three-dimensional renderings
for clients to visualize the project.

“People come in with a beautiful picture and say, ‘We want something like this.’ We discuss the number of people in the house and the size of the space. We educate them,” Valk says.

Designers also discuss budget and offer options to fit within the limit provided by the client.

“We ask, ‘What’s your budget, and what’s your timeframe?’ We work together and make sure we are within their limits,” Valk adds.

Founded in 2012 with a focus on kitchen and bath cabinetry, Classic Kitchens has expanded to include a full suite of storage options through Plus Closets. The partnership allows Classic Kitchens the opportunity to offer clients much-requested closet organization.

“We’ve done closets with other companies in the past, but the quality wasn’t there. With Plus Closets, the range of products and quality is exceptional,” Valk says.

The expanded showroom now displays options and amenities to maximize space and fashion not only in kitchens and baths, but also in closets, pantries, laundry rooms, offices and even garages. Whether working with traditional décor, modern materials, classic styles or eclectic tastes, Classic Kitchens designs cabinetry to meet every need.

“The majority of my business is repeat, and 95% are builders, designers and architects. We do new construction and massive remodels,” says Valk.

Every customer, whether residential or commercial, will find an exceptional level of attention at Classic Kitchens of Charleston. The company completes an average of 150 kitchen and bath packages annually.

“We always get it right. We make sure it looks like the client’s inspiration picture every time,” says Valk. *

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