When a local family decided to build their dream home, they knew exactly what they wanted: an environmentally friendly, tech-savvy, modern house with organic materials, abundant natural light and large-format windows to frame the incredible views. They also wanted a minimalist aesthetic and multiple spaces for their teenagers and friends to hang out. Built by […]


Unspoiled beaches sprinkled with seashells, wispy grasses swaying with the wind in the marshland, graceful egrets flying overhead—Dewees Island is just a 20-minute ferry ride from Charleston but a million miles from the bustle of city life. The private barrier island is known for its remoteness—there are only 150 lots available on the island—but there’s […]


Stono construction is a boutique builder that takes on just a handful of projects per year, ranging from custom homes to extensive home additions and historic renovations. In a booming market where they could get away with doing less, co-owners John Goodwin and Dan Logan are determined to keep their business customer-focused and their homes […]


Artist Emily Whiting chokes up when she talks about Jasper Francis Cropsey’s painting The Spirit of War. Painted in the late 1800s, it’s a detailed, moody work depicting war’s fear and hopelessness. That she saw it more than three decades ago doesn’t matter; Whiting is so moved by allegorical art—works in which details and symbolism […]


Lisa Grant is known as a finder of things: a personalized birthday gift, items to create the perfect tablescape for a home staging or a unique piece of décor that elicits conversation. A real estate agent, she took her eye for treasures and opened See Wee Homes, a two-in-one boutique that draws people in with […]


“The outdoor environment is our palette, and we get to paint broad strokes through the designs we create,” says J.R. Kramer, who owns Remark Landscape Architecture with his wife, Holly. In addition to their commercial and residential landscape design projects, the couple has collaborated on mixed-media sculpture and installation art and had the distinction of […]


It was a milestone birthday, and Jenan McClain was celebrating in style. She invited two dozen friends to her home to welcome a new chapter in her life—sage was burned, the house was cleansed, and an oracle reader was on hand to provide insight to her guests’ lives. A “poetic painter,” McClain marries her love […]


“We live in a chaotic world, but when you’re home, you’re safe,” artist Vicki P. Maguire tells her sons. I feel like her mantra should be broadcast from Jumbotrons right now.  By design, Maguire’s peaceful, ethereal oil and acrylic paintings make people feel good. She humbly says her goal is to “take the beauty of the […]


The quality of the light in the Lowcountry—sunrise, sunset and everything in between—is what drives Helli Luck’s passion for painting in the coastal region of South Carolina. “I painted in Paris a lot before COVID,” says Luck in her soft British accent. “The light here is beautiful, but the light in Paris is amazing. That’s the […]


When Laura Fontaine was 4, her preschool teacher had to have a talk with her mother. The class had experimented with painting that day, and Laura got in trouble because she flatly but politely refused to leave the easel. She hasn’t stopped painting since. Today, Fontaine’s dreamy, contemporary impressionistic Lowcountry and mountain landscapes are represented […]