Danco offers stylish furniture that will be prized for generations


If you walk into Danco Modern Furniture, don’t be surprised to see someone sitting comfortably in a Stressless chair reading a book. “I’ve had people come in and sit in a chair for two or three hours. They want to be sure the chair works for them. You can’t sit in a chair for five minutes and know,” says Paul Haugaard, owner of Danco Modern Furniture. “We want people to buy a piece of furniture confident that it’s a perfect match for their body.”

The Stressless chairs by Ekornes even come in three different sizes to maximize the ergonomic effect and accommodate different body shapes. The resulting fit is sublime and endorsed by chiropractors.

Haugaard has been showcasing these chairs for 40 years. “Paul does such a fantastic job and knows the product line so well. We took him to Norway to tour the factory and meet the people who build the Ekornes products,” says Joe Roderick, an Ekornes representative. “He got to see the product from nothing to completion in their unique landscape where every component is manufactured on site.”

Danco, a family-owned company, began in the late 1960s in Massachusetts. In 1986, Haugaard opened a store on East Bay Street in downtown Charleston. The streamlined simplicity of the Scandinavian furnishings brought something unique to the area. These pieces were lighter and less bulky than older, overstuffed styles. The clean lines of contemporary furniture allow it to complement any décor. The smaller footprint and ingenious designs provide stylish solutions to smaller dwellings and are attractive to customers who are downsizing or decluttering. In 1991, the business moved across the Cooper River to its present location in Mount Pleasant.



The Ekornes line is fully represented in the showroom. The slender and elegant shapes of the recliners are perfect for time alone or cozy get-togethers, but even in a group, the focus is on the individual. For example, each of the seats in the sofas moves independently, allowing for different sitting preferences. Whether you choose a high or low back option, you can adjust the sitting angle to your body’s every movement.

Haugaard has extended his offerings to include American Leather, featuring the awardwinning Comfort Sleeper, which has redefined and revolutionized the sleeper sofa industry. Copeland Furniture offers native Vermont solid hardwood dining and bedroom ensembles. Its craftsmanship is superior. BDI Entertainment, well known for cutting-edge designs that stay current and compatible with modern technology, is another favorite at Danco.

The line of office furniture presents a work environment that is not only comfortable and inviting but designed with an emphasis on ergonomics and organization. With attention these days on the dangers of sitting for long hours, many offices have turned to a standing desk. There are several options and configurations to browse. A combination sit/stand desk, which adjusts to the perfect height at the touch of a button, is a standout.

Modern furniture styles seem to be trending well. Commercials, magazines and television shows feature them more and more. Mid-century is where modern flourished, so these styles work well in the mid-century homes that have achieved cult-like followers in recent years. They also blend seamlessly into a more eclectic style.

Danco’s modern furniture offerings are the new heirlooms destined to be handed down for generations. Haugaard sums up his business by saying: “In the beginning, we focused on our Scandinavian design heritage. These days, our priority is delivering quality products from both the United States and Europe, as well as focusing on a customerdriven experience.”

Lilla Folsom is a freelance writer based in Charleston and the South Shore, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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