Conversation Pieces

Dining room décor that’s sure to entertain


“Life is too short to take things so seriously, including ourselves,” says Elizabeth Faith. “Sometimes, the little details are the ones that invite surprise and personality into the mix.” For example, what could be more fun than adding an unexpected, whimsical conversation starter to your party as you mix up a batch of cocktails for your guests … in a penguin? Modeled after mid-century Italian barware and sourced from Europe, the silver-plated brass penguin shaker is the perfect example of how to add a delightful, tongue-in-cheek element of humor to your décor.

Another favorite of Faith’s is the elegant serving set. At home in the most casual or sophisticated formal setting, the silver-plated spoons are shaped like delicate leaves. They rest on a board with twig handles and blooming flowers, all reminiscent of a spring garden. Two additional large serving spoons, not shown, come with the set.

Best known as Charleston’s signature design emporium,
Elizabeth Stuart Design is an elegantly eclectic boutique with freshly lush furniture, jewelry and home décor treasures. “You don’t shop here, you explore,” Faith says. “We are about discovering how style and soul connect; how texture, color and form speak to who we are and how we choose to live.”

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