Bring out your inner child with an electric vehicle from Carolina Rides


Entrepreneurs Cindy and Jason Bullock started a new adventure in February 2020, just two months before the state government urged residents to stay at home to avoid the spread of COVID-19. For most businesses, that timing might have been devastating. But for the Bullocks, who are all about bringing fun to everyday living, the timing was just perfect for their new business, Carolina Rides.

“We believe in the electrification of fun,” says Jason Bullock. “We have found the best-in-class vehicles in each category for riding around town, in the neighborhood, on the golf course or on the water. The timing was good for launching this unique dealership in South Carolina and Georgia because people needed new ways of enjoying life during the pandemic.”

Carolina Rides has four popular modes of electric fun. The Moke is a low-speed vehicle that travels up to 25 mph over a range of 40 miles on a single charge and is street legal on roads with posted speeds of 35 mph or less. As an upgrade to the neighborhood-usual golf cart, the Moke has two rows of forward-facing bucket seats, seatbelts for all passengers and it is customizable. Buyers can choose from 12 paint colors for the vehicle’s body and customize the color on other parts of the vehicle—bumper, grill and roll bar—for a truly unique look. For those looking for even further customization, optional add-ons such as a wooden steering wheel, Bimini top and Bluetooth stereo enhance driving satisfaction.

Carolina Rides offers the option to buy two versions of limited edition Mokes. The white James Bond vehicle inspired by the movie Live and Let Die is currently available. Also available is a 60th anniversary edition in midnight blue with a wood-grain dash reminiscent of the convertible James Bond drove in the first movie in the Bond series, Dr. No.

For those who prefer to take their fun on the water, the Radinn Jetboard can be used anywhere you want to cruise the water—in the coastal marshes, on the ocean, and on inland lakes, ponds and rivers. Three jetboard designs can travel up to 35 mph for 45 minutes in a “jet ski-surfboard on steroids fashion.” The quietness of the jetboard allows users to enjoy the beauty and stillness of nature and wildlife as they cruise on the water. Two local shops, Force Kite and Wake in Mount Pleasant and Charleston SUP Safaris on Folly Beach, provide interested buyers with the chance to experience the jetboard before buying by scheduling a lesson and test ride.

“Radinn Jetboards can be enjoyed solo or as a communal experience,” says Bullock. “From the Radinn app, you can share location and plans to enjoy a group outing with other jetboarders.”

Back on land, Kaaspeed electric scooters come in 12 colors, many complementary to Moke colors, and feature a natural riding position with a spacious footwell. Self-balancing because of their wide back tire, Kaaspeed scooters are popular with many types of customers. “The scooter is perfect for cruising downtown and the islands as it is technically an electric moped and can travel on any 55 mph or less road,” says Bullock. “It is a blast to ride and is the only electric vehicle you can legally take to the beach from Mount Pleasant. We can add fishing rod holders and a cooler support on the front of the vehicle for added convenience.” Some users get creative with scooters, using them as a silent way to get to a favorite hunting spot or as a way to travel around the golf course. They are popular around town with the college crowd and are available in many school colors. With components such as a hitch rack for the back of an SUV or RV, it’s easy to take the scooter and the jetboard on trips as a quick way to explore.

For those who want a zero-emissions method of getting around the golf course, the Ellwee electric cart fits the bill. This modern cart is just as useful traveling an extra-long dock as it is transporting yourself quickly from hole to hole on the course. Available in two colors and four configurations, the modern golf cart is customizable for however you want to use it.

“We are bringing new ways to have fun in the Lowcountry and beyond,” says Bullock. “These vehicles are silent, help reduce both noise and air pollution, and are a sustainable way to enjoy our neighborhoods and bodies of water. We take pride in our detailed research to bring the best designs in all categories to our customers.” *

Dana W. Todd is a professional writer specializing in interior design, real estate, luxury homebuilding, landscape design, architecture and art.

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