IMMERSE yourself in American and European impressionism and realism at Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art in Charleston. The gallery represents two dozen artists working in paintings and bronze sculptures.

This spring the gallery will feature the work of American impressionist John C. Traynor, a New England painter whose use of light creates a timeless feel, so that even modern scenes recall an earlier era. “When I do a pub scene or something with that kind of feel, I think about the Dutch painters, and how they did the paintings with light coming in the windows,” the artist says.

Traynor’s street scenes feature people in modern clothing, but otherwise give no clues about their time periods. “When I paint, I edit a little bit,” he says. “I don’t see power lines or cars. I just look for the light and the color.”

The artist also turns to his own home and its 16 perennial gardens and one vegetable garden for inspiration. Charleston, where he has been painting for 30 years, also claims a part of his heart. “Charleston’s one of the places where I feel at home when I’m there,” he says.

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