Drybar’s new neighbor, FACE FOUNDRIÉ, offers beauty on the go


In a fast-paced world, even our beauty routines are on a timer. But with the newly opened FACE FOUNDRIÉ on King Street, that’s no problem.

A one-stop shop for facials, lashes, brows and skincare that’s open seven days a week, clients are able to drop in for an appointment as short as 20 minutes before heading right back out the door—with the confidence that they look on point.

“You can leave after your 20- or 40-minute appointment at FACE FOUNDRIÉ to head back to work, or you can apply makeup and go out to dinner,” says Charleston franchise owner Anna Chalmers. “All of our services are designed to fit into your schedule with little to no downtime. We become a convenient part of your skincare routine—on your schedule.”

Think Hydrafacials, cryotherapy facials, brow and lash services, and mini treatments when you need a pick-me-up. The FACE FOUNDRIÉ concept was created for women and men—anyone who needs cutting-edge, convenient skincare. As Chalmers says, “If you have a face, you’re a great fit.”

Opening the storefront was born from necessity. Chalmers also owns the business right next door—Drybar, an equally convenient blow-dry bar. Her clients were always asking for recommendations on where they could get their lashes or brows done, so Chalmers decided to bring it to them. She was lucky enough to secure the space next to Drybar.

“The front doors of each of my businesses are about 20 feet apart,” she says. “It gives our customers the ability to go back and forth.”

Originally from Minnesota, Chalmers discovered FACE FOUNDRIÉ when she met the founder, Michele Henry, while opening her second Drybar location in the North Star State. She realized how complementary the two brands were to one another, leading to her opening them side-by-side later in Charleston.

A self-proclaimed “hair idiot,” Chalmers fell in love with the Drybar concept while living in New York City. When she had her first child, trips to Drybar turned into “me time” treats. Not only was she able to get her hair blown out from a menu of looks—they have clever names like The Mai Tai, The Manhattan and The Southern Comfort—the stylists taught her how to maintain and extend the life of her blowout.

Chalmers also happens to know the people at the top—she worked with brand co-founder Michael Landau when the two were at Yahoo!, then she met his younger sister and co-founder, Alli Webb. Chalmers opened two Drybar locations in her home state of Minnesota, and then had the opportunity to acquire the Charleston location on buzzing King Street in the fall of 2020.

With her experience working at major tech firms and having built and run her own consulting company, Chalmers is able to run the businesses while leaving the hair expertise to her stylists.

“I make sure our team feels empowered as styling experts to really connect with and educate our clients,” she says. “Starting with the client consultation, we make sure to understand what brought them in—whether it’s an event or occasion or just some me time. And we make sure to use the right products, giving them the ability to have great hair even when they’re not with us, too.”

With Drybar and FACE FOUNDRIÉ in such close proximity, customers will be able to get treatments done at both locations back-to-back. With affordable prices and membership options, the services can be penciled in once a month or, in the case of hair styling, even weekly. Both shops offer opportunities to host private events for weddings, bachelorette parties, children’s birthday parties (think braids and fairy hair!), a girl’s night out for facials or hair, or client/staff appreciation events.

The brands already support several local causes and love to partner with other local businesses for pop-ups and giveaways.

“I am so excited for clients to experience FACE FOUNDRIÉ—the first in the Southeast,” Chalmers says. “We have amazing experts in hair and esthetics and cutting-edge services. I can’t wait for you to bring your face to our place and get your hair in our chair—see you soon!” *

Christiana Lilly is a freelance journalist in Pompano Beach, Florida. See more of her work spanning the arts, community news and social justice at

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