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Sometimes the little things that go wrong can escalate quickly into big problems. A clogged toilet or a fried electrical outlet, for example, can morph rapidly from a small inconvenience into a large obstacle. That’s when Rapid Repairs’ crew comes racing to the rescue.

Rapid Repairs has been serving the Lowcountry of South Carolina since 1999, specializing in handyman work, carpentry, electrical and plumbing repairs for both homes and businesses. The company has served over 25,000 customers in the Charleston area and grown consistently over the past 16 years, even during the recent recession.

“Our reputation says a lot about who we are and how our customers see us,” says Jennifer Miller, owner of Rapid Repairs. “We know someone’s home or business is probably their largest asset. We offer our customers reliable repairs from expert handymen whom they can trust.”

Miller says she plans to continue to expand in the area and that the company is well positioned to handle the population growth in the Lowcountry. Rapid Repairs distinguishes itself from similar services in three important areas:

Reliability and Safety: Giving customers peace of mind, all of Rapid Repairs’ employees are background checked, drug free and always wear a company uniform. Additionally, all jobs come with a one-year warranty.

Upfront Pricing: There are never any financial surprises with Rapid Repairs. The company has a published price list with over 200 value-priced home repairs, replacements and installations. When you call them for a fix, you know before they arrive exactly what the price is going to be.

Fast Service: With seven service trucks in the area and nine employees, chances are Rapid Repairs can get a team member to your home or business quickly.

“You call, and we come as fast as we can. All of our team members practice the ‘Golden Rule,’ treating you and your property the way we treat our own,” says Miller. “We get genuine satisfaction from serving our customers and community with humility. They have a choice, and we are thankful they have chosen us.”

Sometimes that service comes just in the nick of time. “We had a lady call us from Seabrook Island recently. She was throwing a dinner party and put too many asparagus scraps down her garbage disposal two hours before guests were to arrive. We sent a team member who quickly fixed the broken disposal. The party went off without a hitch, the guests never the wiser,” Miller remembers.

Kira Perdue is a freelance writer in Charleston.

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