Lawfully Wedded

Reverend Lynn Brown Conklin makes it official


Working as a full-time chaplain at a local hospital, life can be stressful for Lynn Brown Conklin—but you won’t hear her complaining about it. She thrives in a high-pressure environment, so when she officiates a wedding, it almost feels like a piece of cake.

The Charleston native has been uniting couples in the Lowcountry since she was ordained 20 years ago. “It’s a serious thing for me,” she says. “I take each couple individually and meet with them to talk about their plans and goals … I delve into their personalities to get to know them and help them process some answers they may not have thought of before.”

The wedding ceremony itself is highly personalized, incorporating personal anecdotes and new traditions tailored to each couple. If children are involved, Conklin likes to involve them as well.

And if someone gets nervous? Remember, this minister is more experienced than most at dealing with people under stress. “I just tell them to breathe and not to panic because if something’s not said or not done, it’s OK. Focus on each other—the rest you won’t remember anyway. That’s what pictures are for.”

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