Charleston homeowners want more than just another pretty pool. They want beautiful design elements such as custom rockwork, lush landscaping, distinctive shapes, infinity edges and dramatic water features. They also want a backyard oasis that’s easy to maintain and affordable to own.

“More than ever, this means building pools that save homeowners time and money,” says Brian Peppin, vice president of Blue Haven Pools & Spas’ Charleston office.

According to Peppin, today’s consumers are more tech-savvy, time-conscious and environmentally aware than ever. And swimming pool builders have responded to their demands.

“People drive a car that’s loaded with the latest gadgets,” says Peppin. “So it’s natural that they want a backyard resort with all the bells and whistles.”

In the Lowcountry—where Blue Haven has built hundreds of custom gunite and fiberglass pools—state-of-the-art pool options are becoming the norm, according to Peppin. He says that pool buyers routinely opt for features such as energy- and water-saving pumps and filters, distinctive pebble interior finishes and dynamic, multicolor LED lighting.

Perhaps the most important feature of a pool is its purification system. Because of their many benefits, alternatives to liquid and tablet chlorine have skyrocketed in popularity, says Peppin.


Advanced ozonation and saltwater purification systems reduce red eyes, damaged hair, irritated skin and the bleach-like odor common with traditional chlorine. At the same time, explains Peppin, these systems ensure a sparkling fresh swimming environment—and water that’s clear and silky soft on the skin.

Of course, savvy homeowners, whether they are building a new pool or remodeling an older one, want to keep their energy costs low. Today’s models of pool cleaners not only automate the once-dreaded task of pool maintenance, they save money in the process.

Peppin helps his customers make smart equipment choices. For example, a two-speed microprocessor controller, which manages cleaning and filtration systems, cuts energy costs in half.

Add a variable-speed pump—which Blue Haven places on every pool—and savings improve even more.

Thanks to automated systems, today’s high-tech pool equipment is easy to use, Peppin says. For example, customers can activate their pool and spa remotely, using Blue Haven’s push-button controls.


Remember the chalky blue or white plaster surface at the bottom of your father’s swimming pool? You’re not likely to see one like that in your new pool.

Today’s lustrous pebble-type finishes evoke images of a sandy coastline, mountain riverbed or tropical lagoon. Here are some great benefits of a pebble-style surface

Beauty: Pebble finishes are richer and glossier, and the colors are more intense. In fact, the surface—a mix of small, smooth, colored stones and materials ranging from tiny seashells to iridescent glass beads—actually intensifies the color of the pool’s water. These beautiful finishes are available in dozens of colors, with the most popular being tan, white, gray, teal and blue.

Durability: Along with their aesthetic appeal, pebble finishes are extremely durable. Despite years of exposure to sunlight or chemicals, they retain their beauty and color without fading, bleeding or chipping. That means homeowners save money by significantly extending the time before they need to re-plaster their pool.

“Pebble finishes look absolutely gorgeous on pools and last for years to come,” Peppin says. “Once people see the difference and understand the value that pebble delivers, there’s simply no contest.”

“People absolutely love them,” says Peppin, who makes automated controls standard on every project. “We even offer advanced control systems that use handheld devices or that work with your phone or PC to let you fire up the spa during your commute home, so your spa is hot and ready for you when you come in the door. Or, as you sit down with dinner guests, you can turn on the waterfalls and pool and landscape lighting for an amazing backdrop for entertaining.”

Once customers have designed their “essence” pool with just the right mix of technology and beauty, they inevitably look around the yard and decide they need to add other backyard amenities.

“Homeowners want a complete space that works for relaxing, entertaining, exercising and all-round family fun,” says Peppin.

Over the years, Blue Haven has helped clients add decks, walkways, fire pits, fireplaces and custom masonry structures such as planters and built-in seating. According to Peppin, outdoor eating areas are more popular than ever—clients routinely ask for built-in island barbecues and gourmet kitchens and bars.

To learn more about Blue Haven’s design and stateof-the-art features, visit their 9,500-square-foot retail store and showroom. Be sure to ask for a 3-D virtual reality pool plan.

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