AWARD-winning artist Margaret De Carli Barry has been painting for nearly 20 years. Studying under artists such as John Massimino and Kyle Stuckey, she has learned a variety of techniques and styles, which she enjoys teaching to her own art students. Says the artist: “I think it’s important to keep progressing. I continually challenge myself to grow.”

Oil painting is her passion. “Oils take longer to dry, which means I have more time to play with the painting,” says Barry. “I do a lot of knife work; a lot of my paintings are heavy with paint.” As for subject matter, she says, “I like being versatile. I find painting produce so much fun, but I also like experimenting with different subjects. My art very much expresses who I am.”

Barry loves making others’ wishes come true through commissioned pieces. “I intend to lift people up and make them smile,” she says. “I want the viewer to have an instant connection and emotional bond with the painting.” Barry describes her process thus: “I take some photos, stare at a scene, write notes. I enjoy every minute of it. I want to take my time with my painting. … It’s the joy of life.”

Barry is represented by Perspective Gallery in Mount Pleasant. Follow her on Instagram @margbarryart.

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