WHILE Mary Brigman spent her professional life either in an Army uniform or working in the human resources department of the Medical University of South Carolina, there was always an artist in her. It wasn’t until she retired in 2018 that she was fully able to concentrate her creativity and pursue art as more than just a hobby, and serendipity led her to find a medium that she could really pour herself into.

Passing by a gallery window one day, Brigman saw a display of pastel works, their unique look and vibrant color inspiring her to learn more. After poring over books and magazines on the subject, Brigman taught herself various techniques and honed her skills to become a celebrated artist.

A South Carolina native, Brigman concentrates on landscapes of the Lowcountry and the marshes that hold a place in her heart. As someone who has lived and traveled all over the world, she has always loved re-creating the places she sees. Fully immersed in her art, Brigman prefers to use her fingers to manipulate her colors—so much so that she no longer has fingerprints! You can find her works at Perspective Gallery in Mount Pleasant.

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