This invention is changing the way families relax.


There is a saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but if you’ve ever spent time on a porch swing you know that isn’t true. Countless memories are made and witnessed from outdoor swings, whether it’s where you sit to read the paper with your morning coffee or watch your children play in the yard. Its positioning should not be taken lightly.

When Debbie Burriss and her husband, Scott, were faced with the decision of which direction to face their bench swing on their newly constructed porch, they couldn’t decide. “We wanted to look at the water, watch our children play in the sand pile in our side yard and face our guests on the porch for conversation,” she says. To solve their directional dilemma, Scott created a mount that would allow their swing to rotate 360 degrees.

With more than 15 years of interior design experience, Debbie realized other homeowners must share their dilemma: They are drawn to the aesthetic appeal of a swing, yet they want it to be functional. SwivelSwing allows users to change directions with a gentle pull of a chain without ever having to get up from the swing. When it is in the desired position, releasing the chain locks it into place thanks to a spring-loaded locking pin. “The most rewarding part of this unexpected journey has been witnessing how people respond to our innovation,” she adds.



“It seems simple, but it makes such a big difference in the way people relax.”

The SwivelSwing can be installed to finished ceilings, exposed joists or freestanding gazebos in less than 30 minutes by one individual. It is made in South Carolina using marine-grade stainless steel and corrosion-resistant hardware and is compatible with any two-person 4-foot swing. “With the salty air near the coast, corrosion resistant materials have enhanced the durability and extended the product life,” Burriss says. Additionally, SwivelSwing absorbs any imbalance in weight distribution. When one person gets up, the other person doesn’t have to shift to the center to level out the swing.

As parents of two boys, ages 11 and 15, the Burrisses understand the importance of quality time with family and friends. Their long-term goal is for others to enjoy the same improved family life that SwivelSwing has brought them.

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