One of a Kind

Yoj Events takes every party personally


No matter what kind of bride walks in the door at Yoj Events, owner Candice Hilse is convinced that she’ll find her match around Yoj’s crew of event-planning experts. “Our team is really diverse,” says Hilse, who founded the company in 2008. “Everyone seems to present a different style. There’s something for every type of client here. Every bride will have a good fit style-wise.”

While they’ve planned a huge range of weddings over the years, Hilse says that most couples she works with want to put a signature touch on their event—and she loves making that happen. “They’re really wanting to make it personal, whether it’s something cheeky or something that makes it about them,” she says. “They want to personalize the day.” For example, one recent bride, who is a graphic designer, created a logo specifically for their big day and sprinkled the design throughout the wedding. For another couple, obsessed with Africa, Hilse helped create a late-night bourbon bar featuring African-made liquors.

“It’s really a way for us to get to be more creative,” Hilse says. “It’s not thumbing your nose at tradition, but people invest in your day and they spend a lot of time thinking about it. It’s a huge day in your life. Rather than stressing about what other people want, make it about who you are. It’s something we really enjoy doing for our clients.”

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