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We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of wedding photos, but what about a wedding painting? Laura Martindale Welch, owner of Artistic i Wedding, is a painter who will come to your wedding and paint a scene of your choice from life. The most popular choice for couples, she says, is the first dance, but she can do any scene that you prefer, whether that’s the moment you and your spouse-to-be become husband and wife or the bouquet toss.

Welch is a trained artist who specializes in live painting. That means she creates the painting right there at your event, rather than from a photograph (although she can do that too). Welch arrives early to the wedding site to begin working, and will continue to paint for four hours or more, so the bride and groom as well as their guests can witness the creation process. She works in acrylics first, then takes the painting back to her studio to finish it in oils, delivering the finished piece four to six weeks after you tie the knot. And if you love it so much that you want to share it, you can order prints on canvas or notecards printed with your special image.

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