Protecting Your Home
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When Jack Luber says he’ll keep an eye out, he means it. As owner of Coastal Carolina Home Watch since 2005, the year he founded the company, Luber puts the kind of effort into watching over his clients’ second homes that builds trust for years to come.

If you have a vacation home or second home of any kind, you know how unnerving it is when you can’t be there to see what’s going on with your property.

But Jack Luber and his team can help out with that.

“We are the service for absentee and second homeowners,” Luber says. “We visit and oversee their property on a regular basis, inspect both the outside and inside and provide a presence.”

The “presence” that Luber speaks of is more valuable, perhaps, than asking a neighbor or friend to stop by and stash your bundle of newspapers.

Not only will CCHW collect mail, the company will also look for obvious problems such as mold, leaks, insects or rodents. They’ll take photographs and keep clients informed. If there is a problem, Luber and team will contact the right folks to fix it as well as keep an eye on any work being done.

“We look out for our clients’ best interests,” he says.

Establishing trust and maintaining confidentiality are the keys to satisfying clients.

Luber notes that meeting with clients in person and going over specific maintenance requirements for their property is very important.

“Each one of our clients has a different set of needs,” he says.

—Denise K. James

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