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Camilla Rosenberg isn’t your average realtor. If anything, she’s more of a Jill of all trades. “I used to want to be Martha Stewart,” she jokes, after revealing that aside from her 12 years of real estate expertise, she ran a successful interior design company, was a graphic artist and speaks five languages. Oh, she’s also a mom and top-notch baker. In addition to her seemingly endless list of skills, Rosenberg has the qualities that you’d want in an agent: She’s incredibly communicative, straightforward and understanding. She credits her upbringing in a home of entrepreneurs for her inquisitive nature and innate desire to please clients.

Rosenberg grew up in Sweden, where her parents were business owners and would often buy, renovate and sell homes. They would even take her to antiques markets. After graduating from school, Rosenberg lived in Sweden until she was 30, building her own interior design company there. But when her sister, who lives in Charleston, lured her to the Lowcountry, she couldn’t resist the siren call to learn something new and switch up her career. “It’s scary when you step out of that comfort zone,” she says. But she took a leap and moved to South Carolina to become a graphic artist.

It wasn’t until years later that Rosenberg landed a job in real estate. Hearing her talk about her clients, you’d imagine she’s been an agent all her life: She’s well-spoken, eager to help with any inquiry, from Goose Creek to downtown Charleston, and isn’t afraid to put on some jeans and explore a home’s crawl space to see what the inspector found. “You can’t be squeamish!” she says.

Ever adaptable, Rosenberg continues to apply her lifelong love of learning to the area of real estate. Today, she’s an agent at Realty One Group Coastal, a company Rosenberg praises for encouraging and empowering agents to reinvest in their own growth. Broker in charge Diana Johnson says, “We give our agents the independence to grow their business individually, and we also pride ourselves on the power we have at Realty One.” That power comes from the support the company offers them—in terms of technology, education and collaboration with colleagues.

Rosenberg has taken that opportunity and run with it. “Every day, I ask: ‘What will help me and my clients? What will help move this forward?’ Since Charleston has over 9,000 agents, it’s important that I know what distinguishes me.”

With her background in interior designer and a constant desire to better herself, Rosenberg has evolved with the changing real estate landscape. In a need-to-know, information-driven industry, she understands that communication is key. “If you’re asking me a question, I try to answer it straight away.” And she won’t sugarcoat anything, either.

Purchasing a home isn’t simple. Rosenberg says: “You’re not buying a shirt; you can’t just hang it back on the rack.” That’s why she’s up-front about the entire process. She’s also respectful of her clients’ time. Whether they are looking for commercial, residential or investment property, she understands that her clients have lives. “I preview a lot of homes, so you don’t waste your time,” she says. “You work all day, come home, and you’re exhausted. If I can help narrow showings down to five places on a weekend, not 15, that’s time well spent.” That dedication to her clients translates into a wonderful working relationship. “Even after the sale,” she continues, “my clients become my friends. I want them to be happy, because if they’re not, that breaks my heart.”

Proving her words, every year she throws a traditional Swedish holiday party to thank her clients and others in the industry. “My customers have helped me become a great agent,” Rosenberg says. “If I can give back by throwing a party, that’s the least I can do.”

Amanda Black is a full-time editor and part-time freelance writer living in Charleston.

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