This company provides the key to sustainable weight loss



You’ve tried them all.

When it comes to weight loss programs, you know the ins and outs.

Sure, you’ve lost weight with them, but it crept back on (probably with some extra thrown in for not-so-good measure). Frustration, disappointment and a sense of failure add up almost as quickly as the pounds.

The 40 Day Reset program doesn’t just promise to change that; it guarantees a loss of at least 25 pounds in 40 days and helps you keep it off as well—all by resetting your metabolism.

The program “reverses the aging process, resetting one’s metabolic age,”says Mitch Putnam, who runs 40 Day Reset along with his wife and co-owner, Laura, from their James Island office, which opened in April 2015.

How does this innovative program deliver results? It boasts an exclusive high-tech testing and body composition analysis that determines if a selection of customized, natural supplements are needed to correct metabolic imbalance. Along with a food plan, this doctor-supervised program focuses on resetting the metabolism and keeping the body in the fat-burning zone for the first 21 days. Coaching and daily support are integral to the program and set 40 Day Reset apart from the crowd. Clients track their progress daily with their coach by text, phone or email. After 21 days, the body’s metabolism has been reset sufficiently to continue weight loss more easily for the remainder of the program.

“If you do the program and work the program, the program takes care of you,” says Putnam. By staying on track, this intensive program really works. There are even “plateau-breaker” days that help push your metabolism faster when your weight loss seems to slow down. Coaches work with their clients to identify cravings and the reasons for them—markers that short circuit weight loss, but can, nevertheless, be overcome.

The ages between 35 and 65 seem to be the core market, says Putnam, with slightly more women than men. “But we have clients as old as 80, and we have even helped obese kids, although the parents must be actively involved,” he adds. “The plan is so effective that over a hundred people have gotten off diabetic meds,” says Putnam.

Although the 40 Day Reset is new to Charleston, it has 15 established, successful offices in the New York/New Jersey region, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Marylyn Haspel is a freelance writer based in Charleston.

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