Seeing Red

Mac & B. Events looks beyond weddings to Charleston’s premier party


If you think wedding planning is overwhelming, imagine planning one of Charleston’s biggest and best parties, the annual Red Party for The American College of the Building Arts (ACBA). A few years ago, Christine Boykin of Mac & B. Events came on board as a volunteer with ACBA, but it was only a matter of time before her party-planning prowess led her to coordinate the entire event, the college’s main fundraiser.

“It’s like a wedding times 10,” says Boykin, “with a three-ring circus transpiring in the background.” Behind all the madness, Boykin collaborated with Cortney Bishop and the Director of ACBA, Kerri Forrest, to transform the Old Charleston Jail into an 18th Century French Masquerade Ball for all of Charleston to experience.

Making the Red Party a spectacular event every year, complete with costumed attendees and themed décor, is especially important to Boykin, whose company makes it a point to partner with organizations that deserve a broader platform. “We want the community to recognize this uniqueness—what ACBA brings not just to Charleston, but to the nation as well as the students that attend the college,” she says.

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