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From trolleys to tunes, FingerSnappin’ Entertainment has you covered



Burt Lawson had no idea that an impromptu spin inside a DJ booth at a wedding over a decade ago would turn into a lifelong passion and eventually his own company, FingerSnappin’ Entertainment.

Now, with seven years under his belt and counting, he says it’s the only entertainment business in the country that offers all of this: high-end photo booths, videography, transportation aboard two beautiful 30-passenger trolleys, free shag lessons (Lawson just finished fourth in the nation) and plenty of professional DJs, including the CEO himself. After all, music can make a party really come alive, and Lawson takes pride in the magic that can happen when he’s at work.

“We read the crowd,” he says, “and instantly we see that lady in the corner and wonder, ‘What song is going to make her jump out of her seat?’ And then the next corner, ‘What will make that guy get up and dance?’ So that’s the challenge of being a good DJ. That’s why I love what I do. This is my passion. And I don’t even consider this a job, just a love.”

Find out more about FingerSnappin’ Entertainment by visiting or calling 843-819-2429.

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