Known as the Lowcountry’s most complete kitchen store, The Coastal Cupboard, in Mt. Pleasant’s Belle Hall Shopping Center, is a foodie paradise, stocked with gourmet foods, wine, cookware, cutlery and just about any kitchen gadget you might need. But that’s not all. The Coastal Cupboard’s cooking classes, led by Chef Stephen Harman, draw sell-out crowds week after week.

Tucked in a state-of-the art kitchen in the back of the store, Chef Harman hosts demonstrations for no more than 21 people at a time. Topics range from “Brunch Benedicts” to backyard barbecues to “fresh off the boat” four-course seafood dinners, paired with fine wines.

For those who get heart palpitations at the very mention of the words “sauce” or “knife skills,” this chef has words of encouragement. “When it comes to cooking, I’m as laid back as you can get,” says Harman. “So if I can do it, anyone can. I find sauces and fish intimidate people the most. But they’re simple once you get down a few tricks.”

One of the most important tricks, he says, is gathering and organizing your ingredients ahead of time—what chefs call mise en place. “I set out all my ingredients in ramekins before I start,” he says. “The time and confusion I save is well worth the extra dirty dishes.”

One of the chef’s favorite desserts, especially for the summer months, is ice cream. He demonstrates that this creamy, indulgent treat is versatile and fairly easy to make. Even if ice cream isn’t on the menu, he’ll often surprise guests with his favorite flavors: cinnamon-honey, caramel corn or banana rum.

For full list of cooking classes, visit To book a class, call 843-856-4321 and ask for Chef Harman.

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