LOCATED near the corner of Church and Market streets, Studio 151 is filled from floor to ceiling with pieces from more than a dozen local artists, all of whom use their art to respond to what’s around them here in the South. From Bob Graham, a Civil War painter, to Daryl Knox, who’s inspired by Lowcountry marshes and creeks, a passion for this unique corner of the country is evident throughout the gallery.

Studio 151 also features watercolors, oils, monotypes, and mixed media from Colleen Wiessmann, Lu Bentley, Sandy Scott, Detta Zimmerman, Rosie Phillips, Jennifer Koach, Amelia Whaley, Dixie Dugan, Nancy Davidson, Debra Paysinger, Christie Crosby, Nancey R. Rushing, Kelly Meredith Paysinger Hart, and jewelers Lissa Block and Jean Norman.

Styles and subjects can range from collage works to abstracts and traditional realism, and the gallery’s jewelry artists ensure you can always leave with a wearable souvenir. Artists are in-house daily to greet and discuss their works, and the gallery is open every day of
the week.

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