Today’s glamorous closets will turn your head


Marble-topped islands with deco drawers. Glass-fronted cabinets with brushed nickel handles. Crown molding, trim and light fixtures that add style and a sense of comfort and elegance.

No, this isn’t a kitchen.

It’s a modern closet. In the past, closets were an afterthought. Sure, people wanted enough space to store their clothing and shoes, but a simple hanging system with a few shelves would do the trick. Today, people see a great closet as an important addition to any home, on par with a fabulous living room or cozy master bedroom.

“Times change,” says Troy Brown, owner and operator of Closets by Design in North Charleston. “Like bathrooms and living rooms, closets are becoming a focal point of the home for many people. They want a space that’s comfortable to sit in while they decide what to wear.”

Brown knows what he’s talking about. After opening his franchise in January of 2018 with his wife, Dena, he’s broken company records for sales. The Browns and their team of designers, builders and installers operate throughout the Lowcountry, from Myrtle Beach all the way to Savannah.

“We are 100 percent committed to building the best closet and storage spaces we can,” says Brown. “We consult with our clients from start to finish and won’t settle for anything less than complete happiness with our work.”

Modern closets can be seen as an extension of a home’s style rather than a separate storage space. And with all the options Closets by Design offers, there are enough stylistic choices to satisfy any savvy homeowner.

Brown likes to say his team “brings the showroom to the customer.” After making an appointment, one of Closets by Design’s 14 designers visits the home and creates a detailed layout of options to fit the space. Once the design is approved by the homeowner, Brown’s team cuts the material to spec and can assemble the perfect closet in just a few days.

As tastes in closets change, Brown sees that his customers are changing as well. In the past, his typical customers were families or women who wanted more storage space and better designs. Now, he’s noticing an uptick in single men who want a closet that reflects their needs and tastes.

John, a resident of Sullivan’s Island, is one of those men. A bachelor in his 40s, he represents a growing number of customers who crave an elegant solution to clothing storage.

“I wanted a room where I’d feel comfortable,” he says. “For me, creating a nice space where I could hang my clothes and store my shoes was important. Closets by Design gave me a great closet that matched my style.”

John went with Closets by Design after meeting with designer Jenny Littleton, who showed him several options and walked him through the process of designing a closet.

“Jenny made it very easy to choose Closets by Design,” says John. “She worked with me every step of the way.”

John’s closet is a great example of what Brown and his team can offer. The space has hardwood floors and an island that can be used for storage. There is plenty of hanging space as well as glass cabinets, shoe storage, and dedicated drawers for jewelry and accessories. The closet is reminiscent of a boutique showroom in a downtown clothing store, built with style and an eye for comfort.

Closets by Design builds storage solutions for other areas of the house as well. The company offers flooring and wall organizing systems for garages, as well as cabinetry and organization systems for home offices, utility rooms, pantries and entertainment areas.

“Whether we are designing storage for a house, a condo or an apartment,” says Brown, “we do everything we can to give our customers the space—and look—they envision.”

M. Luke Yoder is a writer based in Charleston. Learn more at

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