Blue Haven Pools offers big luxury at small prices.


As with all good things in life, bigger is always better.

Brian Peppin, vice president of Blue Haven Pools in Charleston, would certainly agree.

“One of the most important values we can offer our customers is the extended network of vendors and materials that a company our size can work with,”he says.

Blue Haven has 65 offices across the country—an exceptionally large footprint in the pool-building industry. Since the company works directly with vendors and suppliers, there’s no middleman. This gives Peppin the buying power needed to keep his costs to a minimum. As a result, Blue Haven’s customers can purchase the poolside oasis they want for a price they can afford.

“Our tagline is ‘Liquid Luxury,’” says Peppin. “That’s exactly what we give our customers— and at a cost that allows them to build the perfect backyard getaway.”

Lowcountry residents are blessed with warm summers and mild winters, a climate in which large outdoor living areas make perfect sense. Although Blue Haven may be best known for building pools, Peppin and his team can expand the pool environment to include outdoor fireplaces, outdoor seating areas and other enhancements. Cement paving stones for a patio, multileveled spillover spas for warmth on the coldest nights, waterfalls that evoke exotic locales—Blue Haven builds features that will transform a boring backyard into a luxurious area for relaxation.


The company can do all this because it has access to materials and equipment that other companies do not.

“We buy a lot of products from our vendors and maintain great relationships with them,” says Peppin. “Because of this, they will work with us on all aspects of a design and deliver materials of the highest quality.”

Blue Haven has the ability to custom design any equipment needed for a project, including pumps, heaters, filters and complete in-home automation. According to Peppin, his vendors take the equipment that other companies buy and “step it up a notch” to create a private-label brand for Blue Haven Pools. The result is a product that offers the low maintenance that Blue Haven customers desire, which means less time and money spent on upkeep and more time enjoying their pool.


Blue Haven Pools also has the ability to buy materials in bulk for savings that, in turn, get passed on to the customer. Peppin says he can offer highend features and options as part of the base price rather than force customers to purchase upgrades to build the perfect space. This can save thousands of dollars in the long run while still giving customers everything they want, from powerful heat pumps to elegant paving stones.

Blue Haven keeps its promise for quality with a dedicated team of professionals who focus on different aspects of a project.

Rather than having one person sell, design and build a project, Blue Haven delegates responsibilities to team members who focus on specific areas. The designer focuses on designing the customer’s perfect project, customer service helps with client concerns, while a team of builders focuses on finishing the project.

“When one person is responsible for one specific aspect of a build, it really helps us move along. We don’t stretch our deadlines,” says Peppin. “We finish as soon as possible so our customers can start enjoying their new pool.”


From start to finish, customers are directly involved in the design of their project, whether they just want a nice pool or an entire entertainment area with fire pits and built-in sitting areas. By getting involved early, customers avoid unforeseen costs or inconveniences down the road. They will not, for example, commit to features they do not need or add one at the very last minute.

The Blue Haven showroom in North Charleston has three fully functional display pools that customers can explore from their first visit, giving them an immediate idea as to what they can expect. Once customers decide on a design, Peppin shows them a three-dimensional computer model of the finished product. He says that his modeling software gives customers a good understanding of the design, much more so than traditional blueprints, which can be difficult to interpret.

“When our customers see the 3-D design, they experience firsthand what it will look like in the end,” says Peppin. “This allows us to make changes and try out new designs so we can really hone in on what they want.”

Blue Haven also has the means to help get any project financed. Peppin understands that most people do not have cash on hand to entirely finance an outdoor project, so Blue Haven has established a network of financial institutions that can make any dream a reality.

Blue Haven’s financial network reaches across the country, giving customers many different options when seeking a loan. Rather than being forced to take whatever a local institution may offer, Peppin’s clients can find the terms and interest rates that best suit them.

“We know how difficult it can be to get a loan, so we make it as easy as possible for our customers to find financing. That way they can begin building their backyard escape,” says Peppin.

Blue Haven has been helping clients in the Lowcountry build their dream poolside getaways for 50 years. The company has been named No. 1 in Pool and Spa News’ “Top 50 Builders” for nine consecutive years.

To learn more about all that Blue Haven has to offer, from design to pricing, visit the large showroom and retail space in North Charleston.

M. Luke Yoder is a freelance writer in Charleston. Find out more at mlukeyoder.com.

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