Hutton + Home offers modern furniture and original art through a unique retail model in Charleston


In recent years, navigating the realm of furniture buying has become a whole new ball game, whether you’re renovating a room, relocating or constructing a new home. Wait times can span three to six months, prices have climbed nearly 35% since 2019, and there are either not enough choices in stock or you have to wade through thousands of options online. Then, if the furniture you ordered isn’t right when it arrives, the wait starts all over again.

Catherine McGahan and Hutton Snellings Scheel want to present Charleston with an alternative regarding full-room curation and the purchasing experience. Picture a sprawling 4,000-square-foot retail space where furnishings are thoughtfully arranged by room and accentuated by Snellings Scheel’s original artwork. The home furnishings at Hutton + Home exude luxury with an inviting contemporary vibe. If something catches your eye, you can whisk it home the same day or arrange delivery.

This dynamic duo first crossed paths in Atlanta, where Snellings Scheel was making waves as an artist, and McGahan owned a high-end gift and home furnishings boutique. McGahan worked as Snellings Scheel’s manager before the latter founded her own gallery, Buckhead Art & Company.

Catherine McGahan and Hutton Snellings Scheel

When Snellings Scheel relocated to Daniel Island during the pandemic, the duo saw an opportunity for a fresh business venture. “We recognized a void in Charleston’s furniture market,” she says. “Engaging designers or waiting endlessly for store orders can be exasperating, and online shopping can lead to costly misjudgments since you haven’t seen the products firsthand.”

Their vision found a home in the new Jasper Building at 310 Broad St., a dream showroom that seamlessly blends gallery elegance with furniture showcase allure. Each room exudes modern coastal vibes, a harmonious fusion of luxury and approachability. “We aim to offer a sophisticated aesthetic that’s both inviting and chic. Our calming, neutral palette ensures versatility and cohesion across spaces,” Snellings Scheel says.

What sets their venture apart is the integration of original artwork with furnishings, a testament to the transformative power of art in interior design. “While furniture often takes center stage, art completes the narrative, infusing character and depth into every room,” McGahan says.

In a world cluttered with excess, McGahan and Snellings Scheel advocate for a less-is-more ethos. “Quality and beauty over quantity,” McGahan says. “We prioritize freshness and coherence, championing rooms adorned with carefully curated pieces.”

They also understand that time and tide wait for no one. “It’s frustrating to wait months for furniture only to find it doesn’t align with your vision,” McGahan says. “Sometimes, spontaneity calls for immediate action—a sentiment we wholeheartedly embrace.”

“We want to complement, not compete with, established businesses. Our ‘modern coastal’ aesthetic pays homage to Charleston’s timeless allure while injecting youthful vibrancy,” Snellings Scheel says.

“One of our favorite pieces is the Teddy swivel chair,” McGahan says. “It’s got a uniquely fresh twist on barrel seating and features dramatic channeling combined with beautifully tailored upholstery to make a major statement in any room. It also features a 360-degree swivel, as well as stain-resistant fabrics to make sure this piece has durability and longevity no matter where you decide to feature it in your home.”

“I’d say the James chair has to be a favorite of mine,” Snellings Scheel says. “It has a unique combination of all-weather wicker construction that partners beautifully with chenille cushions. It’s just one of those pieces that can live anywhere in your space without the worry of it ever damaging due to spills, moisture or the elements.”

“My absolute favorite piece in the store at the moment is the Bennet bench,” McGahan adds. “It’s an absolute showstopper and has the perfect accents to highlight your room. The combination of the jewel-like acrylic legs supporting the plush ecru fabric in a floating manner, all finished off with brushed antique details—it just provides that perfect crisp, clean look that any room should feature.”

McGahan envisions their store as a sanctuary for exploring art, furniture and personal style. “We’re not just another retailer; we’re a haven where customers can immerse themselves in spaces curated around artwork,” she says. “Art isn’t just a feature; it’s the heart and soul of our brand.” *

Robin Howard is a freelance writer in Charleston. See more of her work at

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