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Gone are the days when the only question you’d ask a wedding band is if they knew how to play “The Funky Chicken.” Modern couples recognize that the entertainment they choose literally sets the tone for their event, making it one of the most important decisions in the wedding planning process. Luckily, OtherBrother Entertainment is intimately familiar with the Holy City music scene.

Owners Bryan Mahanes and Greg Walker have been linking couples with Charleston’s best entertainers for 10 years. They represent acts including Ben Fagan and the Charleston Groove Factory, the non-stop energetic Mighty Kicks, soulful chanteuse Quiana Parler and party band favorite Two 3 Ways.

As musicians themselves, Mahanes and Walker have close ties with the tightly knit local community—Mahanes is in the band Two 3 Ways, and Walker is in The Blue Dogs. “We know the local talent in Charleston really well,” Mahanes says. “We know the music, we know the bands and we know why they’re good at what they do.” With that kind of expertise, it’s no wonder hundreds of clients have relied on OtherBrother to help set the soundtrack to their soirees.

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