Cresswind Charleston is a different kind of retirement community


Retirement living isn’t what it used to be.

In the past, the idea of a “retirement community” might include a golf course, maybe a swimming pool, and a few amenities to keep residents occupied. Such a concept may have worked fine then, but today’s 55-plus home buyers want so much more.

In fact, today’s adult communities are so different that John Manrique, vice president of marketing for Kolter Homes, believes we should stop using the “R word” altogether.

“Retirement living sounds like kind of a letdown, like you’re settling into a quiet life,” says Manrique. “Retirement for many is a beginning, not an end, so we have designed our Cresswind community to deliver a ‘facilitated lifestyle’ that promotes active living. We want to provide our residents with options for social engagement, entertainment and exercise.”

Located just outside of Summerville, South Carolina, Cresswind delivers on each of those promises. The community is celebrating its three-year anniversary this spring, and thanks to all of the residents who’ve chosen to spend their twilight years enjoying the amenities and lifestyle, Cresswind will continue to grow.

Here are some of the reasons that adults who are over 55 and looking for an active lifestyle are choosing to live in communities like Cresswind.

Plenty of Home Options
When people buy a home in a 55-plus community, it may very well be the final home they purchase. This means that buyers are looking for the perfect house plan that will work even as they age.

Kolter Homes offers 11 unique floor plans home buyers can personalize with a variety of structural and finish options. And if that’s not enough, they can choose a home in The Ponds (Kolter’s ungated, multigenerational neighborhood next door to Cresswind). Here, both Kolter Homes and Ryan Homes offer a variety of new home plans.

No matter what style of home an active adult may want, Cresswind has a plan and homesite that will make anyone happy.

The Love of Nature
Cresswind and The Ponds are located in a true Lowcountry setting. Kolter Homes has taken advantage of this and provides homeowners with many opportunities to enjoy nature.

The neighborhoods abut an 1,100-acre nature preserve. There are 20 miles of walkways and trails that wind throughout and showcase the natural beauty of the canopy of ancient oaks and tall pines that make a Lowcountry forest. This gives homeowners every chance to experience the outdoors firsthand.

There are also plenty of green spaces, a lake and ponds for fishing and kayaking, and water features located throughout the neighborhoods that allow residents to relax and enjoy nature near their own homes.

A Sense of Community
There’s no reason not to get to know your neighbors at Cresswind. There are plenty of opportunities to meet other active adults at one of the many community functions that happen all year long.

“We’ve made sure to provide homeowners with community activities every week,” says Manrique. “We have a central clubhouse for Cresswind owners and a historical farmhouse social center that anyone in either neighborhood can take advantage of for social gatherings.”

The clubhouse in Cresswind is a central meeting area that has sitting rooms as well as rooms for exercise, yoga and crafts. Homeowners can gather here to mingle, learn or play tennis or pickleball to stay in shape.

Food truck rallies are common as well, for a fun and different eating experience. People can participate in fishing clinics or running events and visit the YMCA that sits at the front of the neighborhood.

There are hiking, kayaking and golfing clubs that homeowners have created as well. There are endless opportunities for having fun with neighbors. The sense of community is strong in Cresswind and it shows.

Continuing Education Opportunities
A lot of people want to learn new things as they age and truly embrace lifelong learning. Cresswind and The Ponds are perfect for active adults who also love being students.

Besides the learning opportunities that homeowners can find at the community center, Cresswind is close to several great Charleston-area colleges.

The many campuses of Trident Tech often offer continuing education programs for adults who want to learn a new skill to keep up with work or undertake a new hobby. For homeowners who are serious about getting a degree, Charleston Southern and the College of Charleston are a quick drive down the interstate.

“Different active adults have different ideas of what retirement should be,” says Manrique. “Cresswind and The Ponds give home buyers options, whether it’s lifestyle opportunities or homesite choices. We want to help provide the best possible 55-plus living we can and build a neighborhood they will want to live in for a long time.”

No, retirement living isn’t what it used to be.

The new 55-plus communities are so much more than a home in a great neighborhood. Today’s communities are an active, close-knit, social group of adults who want to enjoy life. They want to have entertainment and exercise options, and they want to live better, longer. They see retirement not as the end of something, but the start of something new and exciting.

It’s a good thing Cresswind and The Ponds are here to embrace the new active adult lifestyle.

M. Luke Yoder is a writer based in Charleston. Learn more at

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