Diamond Kote introduces engineered wood siding in limitless colors and styles


It’s exciting to dream about the possibilities of how a new or renovated home could look and to think about transforming the exterior by changing its color and siding. While pondering the options is inspiring, it also can be an overwhelming process. There are many different manufacturers and exterior siding styles on the market in an overabundance of color combinations to compare. It’s challenging to locate the best product in the proper colorway for your home.

The decision is much easier with the recent introduction of Diamond Kote Siding System to the Lowcountry marketplace. Diamond Kote has provided a unique engineered wood siding for 15 years in parts of the United States and Canada and has now launched its product on the South Carolina coast. Diamond Kote siding has the look and feel of natural wood siding without the constant care required to keep it looking its best.

The company is so confident in the quality and durability of its exterior siding that it provides the strongest warranty in the industry. Diamond Kote warrants its siding to last for 50 years—no rotting, delaminating or the other undesirable traits of lesser-quality products. The company also provides an unmatched 30-year warranty on the finish, guaranteeing homeowners’ siding will not peel and will remain fade-free and chalk-free for many years.

Diamond Kote siding is highly rated for its strength in challenging situations. The siding holds up better than competing products in the face of extreme weather, such as high winds, hail and the South’s excessive humidity. For those who live on a golf course, Diamond Kote siding will show no visible damage from a fast-flying stray golf ball that hits the side of the house.

The benefits of Diamond Kote siding don’t end with its durability. The company provides limitless customization of colors and styles to perfectly match a homeowner’s vision. “We can give homeowners anything they can dream up,” says Jordan Jaecks of Diamond Kote Siding System. “We have 28 standard colors from which to choose. Twenty-one of those are solids, and the other seven are DuoBlend Premium colors that provide a wood-stained look that works very well on modern homes.” But the possibilities are even more expansive than the standard color options; homeowners may specify Diamond Kote siding in custom colors to match a particular fabric swatch or paint sample, for example.

While color choice is one of the hardest decisions to make when choosing siding, Diamond Kote simplifies the process with an array of online tools. “We have a Design Guide that explains the 60-30-10 rule when choosing exterior colors—60% of the siding used should be in the primary color, 30% in a secondary color and the last 10% is the trim color,” says Jaecks. “We do everything we can to make exterior color choices easier for homeowners, which is especially helpful if they are not working with their own designer to develop a color palette. We provide many designer-curated color palettes from which to select. For instance, if someone wants a white exterior, our palettes recommend secondary and tertiary colors that work well together to provide the style they want to achieve.”

Homeowners can upload photos of their homes and try on different colors and siding styles in the Home Visualizer available on Diamond Kote’s website. The Home Visualizer allows them to try novel color combinations and different siding styles, including horizontal lap siding, vertical board-and-batten and a range of shake styles, such as straight edged, staggered, scalloped and octagonal.

There is plenty of inspiration on Diamond Kote’s site, such as a page illustrating how to achieve certain architectural styles using specific siding and trim products. Diamond Kote also provides an online gallery of other homeowners’ finished homes to spark creativity for those who are in the process of designing their own home’s exterior color palette. These resources are particularly helpful for those who wish to mix and match siding styles. For a modern-style home, for example, a homeowner can mix no-groove panel siding with lap siding and wide trim on window walls to create a clean-lined exterior design.

When choosing Diamond Kote siding, homeowners have the advantage of a single-source solution for all of their exterior finishes. “You don’t have to go elsewhere for any part of the siding solution,” says Jaecks. “While we continue to add Diamond Kote siding and trim options that enhance the look of a home by concealing nail heads and reducing seams, we partner with other companies to seamlessly integrate styles and colors between manufacturers and extend our color and trim offerings. For example, we partner with aluminum trim system EasyTrim Reveals for perfect color matching between our products and theirs. Diamond Kote also pairs well with other materials such as stone and steel.”

Nothing can change the appearance of a home’s curb appeal as dramatically as altering its siding and color palette. With the company’s industry-leading durability, detailed architectural craftsmanship and online design tools that customize a home’s look and feel, there is no stronger choice than a Diamond Kote Siding System. *

Dana W. Todd is a professional writer specializing in interior design, real estate, luxury homebuilding, landscape design, architecture and fine art.

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