Crystal clear pools designs watery retreats—one pool at a time



Who wouldn’t want to live poolside if they could? With the temperature of the planet on the rise, our already toasty Lowcountry days are growing warmer and lasting longer than ever before. Balmy days, in fact, stay with us well into the fall— days custom-made for chilling down at the water’s edge. And, unlike the deep blue sea, your swimming pool awaits the touch of your toe—sheer bliss, just a stone’s throw away.

Irresistible, yes. Attainable, yes. But there is more to a pool than a large hole with a few steps. Take for example the Lowcountry’s extremely high water table—surely an issue, perhaps even a barrier to the construction of an in-ground pool. Asked if a property in a low area can be made pool-worthy, Crystal Clear Pools owner Eric D’Angelo says, without hesitation, “of course,” noting that the situation is dealt with on a case by case basis.

What you most likely will not be prepared for once you have decided to dive into pool ownership is the plethora of choices involved in this watery addition to your outdoor living space. Just as in a homebuilding or renovation project, the options can seem endless and overwhelming. But Mount Pleasant-based Crystal Clear Pools makes the process easy by guiding its clients through personalized service.

“We’re trying to do something here that’s a little different,” notes Eric, an industry veteran with over 20 years invested in pool construction “We are not a huge corporation. I am the point of contact for every client. No salespeople are involved who might lose something in the translation. I’m on every project, supervising throughout the process, from sales to design to execution.” Sometimes, he adds, he “jumps into the hole” if that’s what it takes.


Crystal Clear Pools specializes in custom pool design and prides itself on bringing to life the client’s vision—whether a client wants a free form or classic rectangle, every pool has its own distinctive qualities and “every job has a life of its own.”

Pools can be used for many different purposes and are designed accordingly. Both size and depth of the pool may be considerations, depending on factors such as yard size and the client’s needs. Perhaps a cool place to soak up some sun is important. Eric can provide a sleek tanning ledge—normal or super-sized—complete with bubblers and an umbrella sleeve for toning down the sun.

A homeowner’s physical height may require extra space for a comfortable swim. Or if the plan includes using the pool for the occasional game of volleyball, a sports pool with shallow ends and a deep center would be just the ticket. The team at Crystal Clear Pools will even build a sitting area with table for spectators.

Looking for a more ecofriendly way to fill your pool? Using salt water is now the preferred way to maintain a squeaky-clean environment without as many chemicals as in the past. It also reduces maintenance (an advantage for homes that are rented seasonally).

Many people are surprised to discover the rainbow of water hues available. To create the desired water color, Eric offers beautiful pool finishes that use an innovative product from Wet Edge Technologies that is composed of the finest stone from around the world. Upgraded finishes are also available and include vibrant aqua, ocean, turquoise or red glass beads, ocean shells, and glossy black pebbles that are perfect for blending pools with their natural settings. If your property has a view of the ocean, you may consider matching its color and adding an infinity edge that visually merges with it.

Finishes and accoutrements run the gamut: mosaic tiles, glass tiles, decorative tiles, bubblers, slides, fountains, waterfall walls, spas, the style of the surrounding deck. Clients sometimes include a custom tile mosaic turtle or sea horse for the little ones in the family. Another popular upgrade is a heat and/or cool pump that maintains ideal water temperatures and extends the swimming season for year-round enjoyment.

Throughout the process, Crystal Clear Pools provides expert guidance and hands-on management of myriad crews, specialists and vendors. And as Eric says, “We provide workmanship you can trust for the pool of your dreams.”

Wendy Swat Snyder is a freelance writer and marketing consultant based in Charleston.

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